Samsung Reportedly Introducing Galaxy Gear Android Smartphone Wristwatch In September Awesome


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What’s weird about reporting on the possible introduction of smartphone watches is that they actually are not anything brand-new– every few years it seems some OEM comes up with a wrist-mounted phone that produces a fascinating trial but does not go anywhere, like the LG GD910, for example, the broach CES 2009. Samsung readying a smartphone watch for a September 4 unveiling, as Bloomberg reports, then seems a bit like familiarity.

The supposed Galaxy Equipment from Samsung would be an Android-powered smartwatch that sounds like it can run independently of a connected smartphone device to make calls, browse the web, send out and receive emails and even more. The Equipment will not take Samsung’s fledgling flexible display technology, nevertheless, as that’s not prepared for prime-time television, and is still in the crowdsourced contest phase of development.

Samsung will introduce Equipment on September 4, a few days ahead of the IFA consumer gizmos reveal, alongside the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung’s next huge tablet/phone mashup monstrosity. Bloomberg doesn’t say a lot more about the Galaxy Equipment or exactly what it’ll appear like, however we’ve actually already seen some hints in previous hallmark and patent filings from Samsung.

So besides the reality that Samsung and LG are very different business, what’s changed between 2009 and now that makes the Galaxy Equipment a more potentially fascinating product than the LG GD910? Well, Android for one. LG’s phone was essentially a dumb phone that you wore on your wrist. Samsung’s Gear must’ve some tricks up its sleeve thanks to Google’s smartphone OS.

Of course, working with Android on a non-standard screen size brings its own problems. The open-source OS is extremely customizable, as Nvidia’s GUARD task verifies, but that device is a lot more just like a phone than what a clever watch would most likely resemble. Will Equipment have access to Play Shop apps? Exactly how’ll those apps behave? Will Samsung be using a greatly customized skin ahead and supplying its own restricted stock of apps? The last seems most likely, as even with a very high resolution display, Android apps operating a smaller sized display would’ve tiny visual elements and touch hit points.

Note also that this specifically is not a gadget that requires a smartphone to operate if Bloomberg’s sources are right, however a ‘wristwatch-like smartphone,’ so it will be intriguing to see exactly what type of integration between smartphone and smartwatch Samsung builds in. I am wagering there needs to be some sort of connection, because that’s another advantage that modern-day gadgets have that were not necessarily offered to the GD910 and other similar gadgets.

If this really is a full-fledged smartphone, nevertheless, it’ll likely be priced with one, particularly if it boasts suitable specifications. That might make its preliminary appeal limited, however maybe for Samsung being first to market (especially ahead of Apple, which is stated to be developing its own smartwatch) in this area that everybody’s enjoying was the leading concern.

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