Eset Mobile Security Premium Apk Download For Android Powerfull

Eset Mobile Security Premium Apk Download For Android

Eset Mobile Security Premium Apk Download For Android

Eset Mobile Security Premium Apk�Stay secure on-the-go with ESET Mobile Security for Android. ESET Mobile Security for Android combines the award-winning ESET antivirus engine with powerful antitheft and antispam to provide real-time protection against known and emerging mobile threats.

ESET Mobile Security Premuim Apk ? Keep your data in phone or tablet secure and its contents away from prying eyes with 30-day trial version of award-winning ESET antivirus technology and its real world proven Anti-Theft technology.

This security product has the most important security features such as malware scanner, anti-theft and anti-spam or Anti-Phishing, SMS & Call Filter and Security audit. The malware scanner or Antivirus modules provides real-time protection, on you request , it will scan all files or selected folders on your device to detect and remove malicious apps or move them to quarantine.

Eset Mobile Security Premium Apk�Features:-

Antitheft System:-

Guard against phone loss or theft with multiple layers of security that allow you to maintain control remotely over phone-stored data with simple to use text commands. Remote Lock, Find Device, Password Reset, Remote Wipe,Trusted Friend

Advanced On-Access Scanning:-

Protect your smartphone with ESET?s heuristics detection that alerts you to any suspicious activity on your phone. All applications, files, folders and SD memory cards are continually scanned for trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, spam, and other attacks.

Isola Ted Swab:-

Safely delete all your associates, messages and removable recollection cards with a simple SMS order.

SIM Matching:-

Create a list of trusted SIM cards for your phone. In case of an unauthorized SIM card insertion, you are automatically notified by a text message sent to an alternate phone number.

Security Audit with built-in Task Manager:-

Monitor all vital phone functions, including battery life, running processes, free disk space, Bluetooth, and device visibility. Take action on the spot, including terminating any processes that increase your security risk.

Settings and Uninstall Protection:-

Password-protect your settings from being modified and unauthorized uninstallation of ESET Mobile Security for Android (available for Android version 2.2 or higher).

Keeping You securely Connected with Antivirus Protection:-

All apps are screened for malware in real time.
Cloud expertise ESET Live Grid supplies greatest defence against emerging threats.
Detection of possibly Unwanted Apps ? Uncover apps that do harm by dispatching text notes or make calls to premium rate numbers.

Eset Mobile Security Premium Apk�Benefits:-

Proactive Protection from the Unknown:-

ESET delivers real-time and on-demand protection of all information and communications, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE and Infrared.

Call Intercept:-

Block unwanted incoming and outgoing calls.

Easy on Your Phone:-

Low CPU use, low memory requirements and compact updates preserve battery life and minimize data use.
Easy on You

Download updates on-demand or automatically at pre-set intervals: daily, weekly or monthly to preserve battery life.

Secure Your Personal Information:-

Monitor all incoming and outgoing communication to prevent hackers from stealing your personal data.

Eliminates Spam:-

Define trustworthy contacts via a customize blacklist or white list, or simply block unwanted text and multimedia files from unknown numbers.

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