Wonderfull 5 Cool Things Siri can do on iOS 7

Siri has always been a significant destination since its development with iPhone Fours. A lot of people dismissed it as a simple trick when it initially rolled out, however eventually numerous big gamers including the likes of Google added a voice assistant of their own to keep up.

iOS 7

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Although it can still be stated that Voice Assistants continue to be an unfinished potential and there’s plenty even more to come from them. With iOS 7, Siri a minimum of is relocating the best direction and does a lot even more than what we’d understood from it in the past.

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Just like everything else, Siri has a brand new user interface in iOS 7 and does a couple of things that are quite intriguing. Here is a list of six amazing things that Siri can do on iOS 7 which it didn’t in the past.

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1: Change the Gender

You can go to Settings-> General->Siri and from there choose the Gender of Siri. It’s readied to being a lady, but if you’re a girl, you might desire it to be more manly. You can select this option below and Siri’d be your Individual Assistant with that husky manly voice.

2: Search Google with Siri

So far, every time you asked Siri something it drew results out from Bing and sent out that to you. Nevertheless, now you can simply tell it to Google something for you and you’ll have arise from the most popular Search Engine. This is especially helpful cause, come on, no one likes the outcomes Bing tosses up.

3: Open Apps and their Settings with Siri

You can also open applications and their settings shock from Siri now. This is truly a beneficial addition due to the fact that unlike Android, a number of apps on iOS have their Settings in the Settings app, so you’ve to browse all the method to change some settings. With Siri doing this for you, it’s much easier than ever. You can still open the apps too, simply by stating ‘Siri Open <app name>’

4: Control Toggles from Control Center

Siri is likewise capable of altering the volume or brightness of your gadget now. It can likewise merely turn Bluetooth on or off and even activate Wi-Fi when you need it. Just tell it to ‘Turn Bluetooth on’ and you’ll have the bluetooth of your device on instantaneously. This is really useful when your hands are occupied and you’ve a bluetooth device that’s joined your phone.

5: Better Twitter Integration

Siri has a lot much better integration now than in iOS 6. You can merely say ‘What’s @ username stating’ and get ten latest tweets in the result. youc a likewise ask what topics are trending from Siri. This is actually cool feature and avoids you from having to go right into the Twitter app and look for individual users.


There’s no doubt that Siri has actually been enhanced a lot under iOS 7. The voice too is a lot less mechanical and more personal and the outcomes too appear much faster. There are a number of cool brand-new features too which we’ve listed above. Yet, we feel there’s a lot more to come from it and ideally in future updates, we’ll see Siri being a bigger focus of attention, cause the raw potential, is absolutely there.

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