Will the Galaxy S5 REALLY have an eye scanner? News

Will the Galaxy S5 REALLY have an eye scanner?

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We first heard reports a month ago that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might’ve an eye scanner, however at that time that’s all it was, a report.

Now there’s some real evidence in support of it, as a Samsung patent detailing such an innovation has been discovered by Patent Bolt.

The patent includes a variety of diagrams which show a smartphone with an iris picking up device and a proximity sensing unit. The sensing unit would presumably trigger the iris sensing unit when an item approached and if that things is an eye it would then be scanned.

The apparent use for this would be as a security system which might potentially one-up Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Keep your eyes on the prize

It makes sense that Samsung would wish to do that. The actual question is whether it’ll make it into the Samsung Galaxy S5 or whether we will need to wait a bit longer to see it.

Actually, the actual question is: who’d hold their phone approximately their eye to open it? The potential humiliation would equal the embarassment of trying to obtain your phone to do anything with your voice, your peers laughter ringing in your ears as it just begins a timer for 15 minutes.

Retinal scanning would be a headline feature worthy of a flagship device, however with the Galaxy S5 possibly arriving as soon as January it might lose out on Samsung’s fancy brand-new security function.

If all the reports about the Samsung Galaxy S5 pan out then it could be a phone to be reckoned with, as there’s likewise talk that it could’ve a 560ppi display, a 64 bit chip and a metal frame.

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