very interesting VSCO Cam – a beautiful photo editing app with amazing filters

VSCO Cam - a beautiful photo editing app with amazing  filters

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VSCO Cam is a wonderfully created photo editing and publishing device that provides a refined user experience, devoted posting platform and dozens of exclusive filters and presets. The app has actually made its way from iOS after fantastic success. It’s strength lies in the deep level of customisability it offers- each of the presets can be tweaked along a spectrum, implying an almost unlimited number of real filters. The app is free to download but it makes its money from in-app purchases of preset packs.

Price: Free, plus In-app Purchases for Extra Content

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Nice design!
  • VSCO Grid- lets you release your photos!
  • Lots of filters available- loads more if you make IAPs!
  • Decent editing features!


  • Not particularly intuitive.
  • Limited image size implies that. in spite of the slick and expert design, it’s for amateur snappers only.


VSCO Cam is a much-hyped photo editing tool that, after winning swathes of fans on iOS has actually introduced recently on Android. Now, I absolutely freakin’ love a great picture editing app so rapidly got penetrated this. Having actually examined a multitude of the other photo apps in the Google Play Store, such as Streamzoo, Instagram, Pixlr Express, Snapseed and PicShop, I feel quite certified to comment. So, right here’s my ideas and review:

The first thing you’ll discover about VSCO Camera is the design. The designers have actually made the hell out of it. The result is an app that’s so smooth, so refined and so exclusive-looking it diverts on the pompous. This impression is deepened by some of the promotional blurb, ‘Mobile images have never looked so stunning“, “The Requirement of Mobile Photography” and “elegant results, formerly unattainable on Android‘ all add to a legend which develops a striking, if somewhat filled with air, aura.

VSCO Cam -  Filters

The app does look definitely stunning, with gorgeous-looking menus and editing devices, even the in-app establishment looks beautiful. There’s a lot of concentrate on the images and you get great views in both your collection and the ‘VSCO Grid’, the publishing platform supplied by the service.

VSCO Cam is an excellent application, however definitely does not supply anything formerly ‘unattainable’

VSCO Cam includes a smattering of cost-free filters, but you can download more from the in-app establishment. There are additional free packs to download plus a number of others for $0.99 each. You can plump for ‘collections’ which essentially save you some cash by putting numerous packs into one payment. Now, I am keen as mustard to try things out correctly so I chose the huge collection which included some 38 presets for $5.99 (which was 50 % off thankfully).

VSCO Cam - Menu

So, exactly what do you get? Similar to any editing app, the filters in VSCO Camera are pretty good. I’d not state I was absolutely blown away and I am not convinced by the cost, but there’s great variety here. Each specific filter lets you fine-tune it up and down to adjust filter efficacy and this develops a number of more effects within one. There’s also cropping, color adjustments, highlights and much more- even things like skin tone improvement. Things like red-eye removal and more advanced functions are also missing out on.

VSCO Cam includes a smattering of cost-free filters, but you can download more from the in-app store

That said, I am not convinced it’s an app for serious photographers. The image size is limited to the gadget you’re utilizing, so ignore uploading images from your camera as they’ll not work. When you initially launch the app, it takes a number of minutes to ‘optimise’ for your phone or tablet and there are typically little delays in filling sections of the app which doesn’t produce the most fluid of experiences.

VSCO Cam - Purchase new filter packs

My other niggle is down to use. You can discover your way around, but it’s not as intuitive as various other apps. It would’ve more sense to call the Grid platform ‘Journal’ when in truth this is simply famous access to VSCO Cam’s blog. Likewise noteworthy is sharing. The app makes a big offer of boasting exactly how you can share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ which, to an iOS user have to be a big deal, however it perhaps betrays some market understanding as far as Android is worried where you can share to virtually ANY installed platform and have actually had the ability to doing this for many years.

The app does look definitely sensational, with gorgeous-looking menus and editing tools, even the in-app store looks gorgeous.

VSCO Cam is a wonderful application, however certainly doesn’t supply anything previously ‘unattainable‘. The lag, use and feature-set would’ve to be enhanced further in order to make this claim. It’s strength lies in it’s design and wealth of (albeit pricey) filters and beautiful user interface. I hope it remains to develop and improve- in time it could be a really killer app, but it’s almost adequate yet- certainly on the Android platform.

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