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Investors have a tendency not to be cool, attractive or ‘famous’ in the standard sense. After all, anyone can invest in one great company, however reproducing those triumphes repeatedly over decades is almost impossible. Thus, while financiers might never ever become celebrities, a handful have managed to attain a sort of renown by opposing the odds and remaining to select next year’s winner.

While his record is far from perfect, John Doerr is one of those financiers, due to the fact that – as Google CEO Larry Page puts it – he ‘sees the future initially.’ A Kleiner Perkins partner considering that 1980, Doerr has actually supported companies like Symantec, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Intuit, Amazon, Google and Twitter. Doerr has likewise gone on to end up being a big supporter, spokesperson and evangelist for reform (and advancement) in education, health and greentech (among others). And, as he showed today at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen, the dude is incomparably quotable no matter the target – success or failure.

While Doerr currently sits on the boards of fast-growing startups like social information mag, Flipboard, and MOOC leader, Coursera, and is a long-time Google board member, he likewise just recently signed up with took a seat on the boards of among his profile companies, which is ending up being somewhat of a canine: Zynga.

In spite of amassing a legendary portfolio over the years, a few of his high-profile and seemingly promising investments haven’t done as well as Doerr (and many others) expected, Zynga and Fisker Automotive chief among them. When asked why, Doerr claimed that, a minimum of when it come to Fisker, ‘execution was a vital’ reason for its comparative absence of success.

‘We purchased Fisker due to the fact that we believed in the electrification of transportation,’ Doerr said, however Fisker is now on the edge of bankruptcy since ‘Tesla out-executed them brilliantly,’ turning itself into a $14 billion company while doing so. So, while Fisker itself has not ended up a huge success, Doerr chose to look on the bright side, sharing that even so, the company’s financial investment thesis (in the evolution and rise of electric automobiles in transport) ‘has actually been verified out.’

However, the Zynga story is different, Doerr continued, mainly due to the fact that the investor still believes in the company’s viability and market position. Assuming a cheerleading duty for his portfolio company, Doerr offered a view that’ll likely discover a minimum of a handful of detractors among tech experts:’ [Zynga is] right at the take-off point with respect to mobile games.’ Doerr then mentioned Zynga’s higher Chief Executive Officer, Don Mattrick, as an additional source of a positive outlook the business going forward.

Mattrick recently left Microsoft, where he was the Head of state of Interactive Home entertainment, to assist take care of the beleaguered social gaming business. Mattrick was recruited by co-founder and previous Chief Executive Officer Mark Pincus – a step which Doerr claimed was ‘one of the smartest moves that Mark Pincus might’ve produced Zynga,’ as the previous Microsoft president is a skilled entrepreneur and turnaround executive. ‘When Mattrick joined Microsoft,’ he described, ‘Xbox Live was losing big amounts of cash and when he left, it was making tons of cash.’

Dan Primack of Fortune then asked Doerr to clarify on Zynga’s CEO transition and why, as a VC, he’d decide to put a second person on the board and exactly what function he played because move. Doerr responded by stating that ‘Mark Pincus led the entire board in making this change,’ and since Mattrick has such a good performance history, he was ‘supportive of Mark and the rest of the board when making that modification.’

As to why he joined Zynga’s board in March, Doerr stated that he signed up with due to the fact that he thinks’ [Zynga] has a monster market opportunity in front of it.’ Fortune’s Andy Serwer then tamped down the self-centered cheerleading by reminding the audience that Kleiner Perkins occurs to be a considerable stakeholder in Zynga.

To illustrate simply how substantial KPCB’s stake in Zynga is, Doerr admitted that the company has ’60 million shares’ in Zynga, prior to joking that he’s undoubtedly self-centered and wants ‘to get that stock rate back above $10/share … where god meant it to be,’ he quipped, while almost giggling.

Doerr’s quip on god’s want Zynga’s going to pieces stock later on stimulated Primack to tweet in response – and mock respect:

On the 8th day, God developed Farmville animals # ThingsJohnDoerrMightSay # fortunetech

(@danprimack) July 23, 2013

‘Don’t you think there ought to be a safe, trusted place you can go to get in touch with your friends to play games?’ Doerr continued. He then clarified on his stance claiming, ‘we think Zynga ought to be’ the one to do it and that this is the core belief and inspiration behind Kleiner’s investment and Doerr’s continuing optimism. The company ‘missed out on a beat moving from Facebook to mobile,’ Doerr admitted, prior to concluding on a favorable note: ‘However the group is on it.’

The 9 Best Doerr Quotes & Predictions

  • On the rise of cloud computing, Doerr shared that, next year, ’50 % of computing will take place in the cloud.’
  • As to the state of financial backing and the increasingly popular opinion that the market’s ‘Magnificence Days’ are now over, Doerr disagreed, maintaining that the future of innovation is brilliant and, in turn, ‘the days of huge returns are NOT over.’
  • Doerr likewise sees huge opportunity in the enterprise and B2B security market, thanks to the growing presence of cybercrime: ‘Businesses lose $115 billion a year due to cyber-theft,’ he explained.
  • On the role of tablets in the future of computing, the financier stated something that fabulous Apple co-founder and long-time Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs informed him, which was, ‘If god had actually suggested [for individuals] to write on tablets, he’d have provided you ten styli rather of ten fingers.’
  • Doerr headed out of his way to praise Nextdoor – the business that lets anybody and everybody create personal social networks with individuals residing in their local areas – saying that he was ‘especially captivated’ with the startup. Although he’s not a financier, the company stood apart, he shared, as one of the more appealing ideas to represent the merging of social, regional and mobile.
  • The long-time Kleiner partner also disagreed with the prevailing notion that Silicon Valley itself doesn’t appreciate world-changing trends and principles, claiming that ‘the interest’ he sees ‘in the Valley today is ‘around Education.’
  • To that point – and based on his own personal interest in these areas – the 2 largest locations of the economy that Doerr believes are in the procedure of being disrupted are: Health care and public education.
  • Doerr likewise wishes to see both the government and corporations making smarter, more strategic investments in technology. To illustrate the present detach, he pointed out the truth that the ‘U.S. only invests $4 billion each year on energy research,’ while ‘we spend much more than that each year on potato chips.’
  • As to the next ‘great battlefield’ in the tech market? Doerr thinks that a huge war is can be found in local commerce in the next three years, as Amazon ‘tries to move into day-to-day shipment and redefine commerce at its heart and Google works with local merchants who offer Google shopping tools.’ This will be the ‘mother of all retail battles,’ he states, and will occur between the regional merchants – those with entrenched interests – and Amazon and Google.

On a final, self-interested advertising note, Doerr will be taking the phase at TechCrunch’s own Disrupt SF conference in September to clarify on what’s in establishment for the tech market and tell us even more about his visions of the future.

Doerr’s job interview with Fortune’s Andy Serwer at Brainstorm Tech is embedded below:

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