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Does anyone keep in mind the film Tremors (1990) starring Kevin Bacon, and Fred Ward. Well if there’s a game that’s inspired from that movie, Super Mega Worm would be the closest thing there is.

Now mind you this game isn’t brand-new at all, it’s been provided on the iOS nearly 3 years back. And like me you’re most likely asking the same concern, “Why it took so long to obtain on the Android?” Well your estimate is as good as mine. Whatever the concern, after a 3 year delay, Super Mega Worm has finally made its way to the Android.

super mega worm review android

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Before you play the game you’re introduced to a short cut-scene, then there’s a quote from “Guide of Wyrm”, then the display takes you to 2 hillbillies doing some target practice, then the display leads you underground to an egg. You tap on the egg to fracture it open to release the mega worm, and all hell breaks loose on earth. Now as the worm you move underground, and make the worm blast out of the surface. You’ll land on humans, and animals. You’ll likewise bounce off cars, and tanks to make your worm get greater into the air. In case you haven’t figured it out you need to eat everything and anything that gets involved in your course, to obtain a high rating.

There are 2 types of modes in the game. Experience mode, where you need to consume a particular amount of human beings to advance to the next level, and throughout the game you’ll have the capacity to utilize power up when you do acquire them, like shooting projectiles from the worm’s mouth. Going further underground you’ve the chance to eat purple gems, perk items to add to your rating. Everything you do will contribute to your rating so go ahead and take your time consuming humans and damaging you’ve all the time in the world.

The next mode is Time attack. You don’t have to kill a particular quantity of human beings to advance, you simply have to get the very best score you can get within the time limitation. But I discover that both modes are fun to play.

The controls are extremely easy you’ve a 4-way control in which you’ve D-pad icon at the lower left of the display that acts pretty much like a D-pad, and afterwards you’ve a two-way control where you slide the icon left and right. I have tried both controls, however I discover that I’ve better control with the 4-way.

Looking at and listening to the graphics and seems makes me want to play my Nintendo once more. It’s the traditional 8-bit graphics, and a very catchy song like Super Mario Bros. or like the first level in Contra. And the effects like human screaming as they get eaten to cow mooing sound terrific too.

For those who have not played Super Mega Worm should provide this game a shot. It’s a game that’s traditional looks and sound. And it’s very easy to obtain into, and truly enjoyable to play. If you’re trying to find a great time passer, add this one to your Android device. Its $1.03 at the google play store.

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