Solved This is an Android console running Steam OS

iConsole. television is the first Android-console with support for Steam OS.

iConsole. tv from Mobile Media Ventures is the first third-party Android box with support for Steam OS. It runs nearly any OS and for that reason must run Steam OS with Android in all-time low (not tampered with), and it’s extremely simple to install Valve’s OS, you don’t even partitioning. With a simple button, you’ll be sent out to the game business’s OS that’s developed with focus on the gameplay.

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The box will also have the ability to run Linux (Windows isn’t supported, but who knows exactly what’ll be possible if you fumble a bit), but the most intriguing is that the producer declares that the PC console will be able, hardware smart, to compete with the performance of the PS4 and Xbox One. It seems a bit strange.

Forget GPU because the console will in reality be geared up with Intel Haswell chipset, however sadly just the graphics section taken from the exact same chipset (Iris). Forget devoted graphics. The designers declare, however, that the last version of the console has a a lot more powerful GPU, however there’s still broach a non-dedicated solution.

Besides the GPU and CPU has 8 GB of DDR3 RAM (like Xbox One), and 500GB hard disk.

There are many connectivity choices in designer variation and you can play without needing to be online:

* 2 x HDMI
* 8 X USB
* Bluetooth 4.0
* External WiFi Antenna
* Mouse and keyboard support
* Play offline
* 3D TV support

The developers hope to have a developer box ready for delivery throughout the winter. Customer launch is set to next year.

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