SnapKeys Adds A Second Software Keyboard To Its Qwerty-Attacking Arsenal Amazing

After last month’s full launch of its Si Development Qwerty alternative, undetectable keyboard maker SnapKeys is launching a 2nd keyboard later on today – called Si Revolution – that presses the typing disruption even further by letting users tap anywhere on each of its 4 secrets to form words. SnapKeys’ word-prediction technology does the rest, and with so few exact taps needed, this keyboard actually can disappear completely – with the user requiring only to tap a basic general position on the screen to spell words.

This differs to the keyboard that came out of beta last month, Si Development, which likewise has simply 4 letter islands however requires users to tap on the exact position of a letter within each island. That means Si Evolution is more accurate at word forecast, since it’s getting more precise input data from the typist, however it’s slower to kind on due to the fact that the user still needs to hang around correctly placing their finger on each letter.

SnapKeys’ Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Ghassabian likens the 2 keyboards in its Qwerty-attacking collection to the multi-tap and T9 text input techniques of old-school mobile devices, when physical secrets and not touchscreens were the standard. He states Si Advancement is SnapKeys’ multi-tap-style offering, needing even more physical effort to input words however less mental effort because the tricks have repaired positions, while Si Revolution is its T9 equivalent.

‘You’d 40 percent of people utilizing T9 and 60 percent of people making use of multitap although multitap was harder, because it took even more resource, since with T9 they made more psychological effort,’ he mentions to TechCrunch. ‘It’s specifically the very same thing today for us. We’re offering multitap, which is our Si Evolution, and we’re likewise offering T9, which is our Si Transformation. So we’re responding in this means to our whole audience.’


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If you are questioning ways to type letters T to Z on the Si Revolution keyboard, that needs tapping in between the letter islands.

There’s certainly a threat of SnapKeys’ muddying the waters below, by offering two Qwerty alternatives, instead of simply concentrating and doubling down on pushing one, but its plainly hoping that giving alternatives to its users will assist drive adoption – at least in the short-term. Ultimately, says Ghassabian, it reckons the Si Transformation keyboard will be ‘the conventional’ – being as it’s much better fit to the touchscreen area, more disruptive and for that reason more versatile.

On the Si Transformation keyboard, with simply four tricks to press and basically just two positions for each of the two typing fingers/thumbs to take on (up or down), it’s faster to type (once the typing technique has been learned) and can most quickly deliver on SnapKeys’ long-standing ‘unnoticeable keyboard’ guarantee. If you understand you just need to tap up or down on the screen in a rough grid to form words, you do not require any noticeable letter islands to lead you.

Of course, getting to the point where all visual cues can be eliminated completely is going to take some time. Which explains SnapKeys taking little steps to see to it it brings the users along with it – by, for instance, providing 2 keyboards with somewhat differing input approaches. It’s clearly hoping Si Advancement users will discover it simple to upgrade to Si Revolution, when they have got comfortable with its alphabetic crucial design.

Ghassabian says SnapKeys sees future monetisation not in charging for or certifying its keyboard software however via its LetSnap messaging app – likewise revealed last month – which integrates its space-freeing keyboard with a photo-messaging app, allowing users to compose notes on top of images to send visual messages to friends. It prepares to include a SnapShop to this app where users will have the ability to purchase photos for one-time use to send as messages within the app, with SnapKeys taking a profits share with the picture supplier.

He also said it imagines marketing capacity for monetising its keyboard software application – assuming it accomplishes enough traction obviously – thanks to the additional screen space being maximized. ‘Due to the fact that we’re freeing screen real-estate we can supply occasionally marketing,’ he stated. ‘Perhaps on among the keys for a time period, for a few seconds.’

The Si Revolution keyboard is due to come down on Google Play later today.

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