Simon the Sorcerer 2 Pops Up on the Play Store The Best

Twenty years back, an adolescent child by the name of Simon discovered a mysterious chest in his attic. Upon opening it, he discovered exactly what many people have always wanted after viewing and checking out Harry Potter: a spellbook. Simon was not delighted about it though, he went nuts and tossed it on the ground triggering a portal to appear from it leading to another world. His canine companion, ‘Chippy’, joyfully jumped into the portal and Simon had no choice but to go in to conserve him. In the other world, he uncovers the true purpose he was brought there and proceeds to rescue an old wizard and eradicate an evil sorcerer.

If that plot sounds familiar to you, then you’ve most likely become aware of Simon the Sorcerer. It was launched in 1993 on Amiga and DOS. For those of you old adequate to have actually played it, you’re in luck! Developer MojoTouch has brought it back in all its glory just for Android.

simon the sorcerer

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The game will certainly play just like a point-and-click adventure and will see you reprising your role as Simon looking to find his method back through the portal. The graphics, naturally, will be upgraded, but not by much, to ensure the ‘retro’ feel is still undamaged. If you want to feel classic, you can actually change back to the old graphics to remind you of the excellent old days.

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