Safari Browser 5.1.7 Download For Windows Beautiful

Safari Browser 5.1.7 Download For Windows

Safari Browser 5.1.7 Download For Windows

Safari Browser 5.1.7�is an intuitive browser that will offer users the possibility to optimize the way they explore the web.

Safari is a free web browser application for computers running Windows or Mac OS that provides the conventional eye candy that users have come to expect from Apple.

This web browser is not just designed to be the new Apple of everyone?s eyes. It has internal tools that help load Internet pages faster. It also includes additional support for web sites using the HTML5 standard. Safari makes great use of tabbed browsing, allowing users to switch between them in a flash, and drag these to the desktop to make a new separate window.

Earlier versions of Safari used Google or Yahoo as default search engines, but this new edition provides Bing. This is an excellent enhancement, although Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer still provide wider collections of search engines and dedicated search options to choose from.

Safari Browser 5.1.7 Features:-

  • Closed Captions for HTML5 Video
  • Custom Style Sheets
  • Enhanced Keyboard Navigation
  • Next-Generation Standards Support
  • HTML5 AJAX History
  • Advanced Page Caching
  • HTML5 Draggable Attribute
  • Full Screen for HTML5 Video
  • Location Services Preferences
  • HTML5 Offline Support

System Requirements:-

Operating System:-Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP x64

Supported Languages:-


Safari Browser 5.1.7 Download�

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