Pitch Jumper, Let Your Music Be Your Game News

Integrating songs into the games is becoming more popular than ever before and perhaps it isn’t a bad idea either. A few of the designers have actually utilized this strategy and it’s been proved rather effective for them, one such circumstances is of Beat Danger Ultra whose developer is reported to cross $2.2 million sale. Okay for a single designer, now based on the same ambiance we’ve title goinged our means called the Pitch Jumper.

Pitch Jumper is generally established by group of young designers at Florida Interactive Home entertainment Academy who came up with their own distinct algorithm that produces level based on the tempo, density loudness of you r songs. Change in these three elements can greatly affect the level you’re about to play.


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But that doesn’t mean that you can play infinite quantity of levels, there’s nonetheless limitation on the level of elements algorithm makes use of to create distinction levels. And to change the level you’ll need to alter the songs.

As for the game, you play as a mouse with substantial ears, more like Dumbo. Those substantial ears are utilized to carry out different maneuvers, move over adversaries and various other challenges, all this being created by your music.

Beat Hazard Ultra haven’t offered any official launch date of the game however you can expect it to coming real quickly.

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