(Must Play) Sky Boom Boom – an intensely hyper-fast endless flying game A collection

(Must Play) Sky Boom Boom - an intensely hyper-fast  endless flying game

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Sky Boom Boom is a hyper-fast & intense unlimited aircraft flying game. Dodge an insane amount of barriers, collect stars & power-ups, fight employers and see just exactly how long you can fly without crashing. Join us as we video evaluation this ultra enjoyable, tough & addicting game!

Price: Free, optional In-app Purchases

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Sublime 3D graphics!
  • Highly intense and quick paced unlimited flying game!
  • Totally difficult, addictive and fun- tough to put down!
  • Many levels, missions, achievement, upgrades and incentives to urge you to come back and play!

You’ll state ‘Whoa!’ throughout & after rounds!

Sky Boom Boom sees you dog-fighting aerial pirates that’ll stop at absolutely nothing to blast you out of the sky with limitless airplanes in the method, obstacles afoot, and strong managers shooting missiles at you- all the while your objective is to sidestep all, gather stars, gems and special power-ups, and fly as long as possible. To get started it’s best you get familiarized with the user interface because things go so quick and you actually won’t have time to take a look at instruments however look at from peripheral views:

Sky Boom Boom - Gameplay 1

Viewing the screenshot above and beginning from the leading left corner is the Fever Time reward gauge, time & length to the next checkpoint, offered hearts or lives left (you begin with 3- if those end then you crash & burn then your flight is over.) To the top right is your present rating, past high rating to beat, miles took a trip, stars obtained and enemies taken down. The bottom right includes your guns (they are restricted and need a recharge so utilize sparingly), below that’s the on-screen control to sidestep right. Flanking that on the opposite side is the left sidestep button and air speed. Atop that’s the Air Roll bonus offer to fly above opponents and barriers.

How to play

You play by tapping the left/right buttons to fly into collectibles and prevent foes & barriers. There are power-ups and bonuses galore. For example,Nitros give you a brief burst while Fever-Time boosts you a nice range and you can plow any adversary or missile throughout this rage-filled mode. You can acquire achievements for combos- these are for the variety of consecutive stars you collect. There are speed strip increases too (I personally attempt to avoid them as they make the game even more difficult than it already is by flying quicker.)

There are gems, magnets, potions, as well as surprise presents to collect. As you play you earn stars (the games currency item) which you can make use of to upgrade your pilot’s powers, weapons and planes. After you reach checkpoints you run into villainous employers that fire a high barrage of target locked missiles you need to avoid together with everything else in the method. It’s a crazy challenge as some stars are placed simple feet in front of adversaries and you need swift timing and excellent peripheral vision to avoid. You go as long as you can or up until you run out of hearts.

Gorgeous graphics

Sky Boom Boom - Fever Time 2

The first thing you notice about the game is just how sublime the audio and visuals are. It pumps to a visceral background tune with remarkable sound impacts and occasional blurbs from your pilot. Featuring a cool stylized vector 3D theme fulled of reasonable effects like air flexing speed warps, lens flares, bits results, bright & brilliant worlds in ever changing landscapes. You’ll say ‘Whoa!’ throughout & after rounds!

There’s is miles of fun to be had in Sky Boom Boom!

If the individual incentive to gather pilots & aircrafts or finishing missions just were not enough excitement you can sign into Google Play Games and fight versus others around the world or associate with Facebook and race your buddies.

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