In Depth: iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface 2 Popular

In Depth: iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface 2

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Now that the iPad Air has been made official, exactly how does it stack up against the just recently launched Microsoft Surface area 2? Exists even a comparison?

To be truthful, we already have our prejudices here, and we are presuming many of you do, too. But prior to we go hurrying to judgments or conclusions, let us compare the 2 tablets and see exactly how they truly fare versus each other.

Before we dive in, let us remember the huge photo when it comes to each gadget. The iPad Air is the next iteration of the iPad, however it’s half a pound lighter. It likewise has the brand-new A7 chipset and a 5MP iSight rear video camera. Oh, and Apple guarantees up to 10 hours of battery life, too.

The Surface 2 is the successor to the Microsoft Surface. It runs Windows RT 8.1 and guarantees as much as 28 days of standby time, though the majority of evaluations online show about six to seven hours of real-world use.

iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface 2: Display

These days, when you are getting exactly what’s basically simply a big piece of screen, the display really matters. Right here, we’ve a 9.7-inch 2048 x 1536 display on the iPad Air versus a 10.6-inch 1920 x 1080 display on the Surface area 2.

The winner in terms of sheer resolution and sharpness is the iPad Air. At regular seeing ranges, you really wouldn’t have the ability to discriminate. However side-by-side, you ‘d probably have the ability to inform which one is best. But don’t strain your eyes, because we are informing you now it’s the iPad.

iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface area 2: Processor and performance

There’s more to performance than just plain old hardware. You can put a 200 horsepower engine in a bike and it’ll fly, put that in a 5,000-pound truck and it’s a various tale. Likewise, chipsets and processors in tablets and smartphones do not tell the entire tale.

Here we’ve Apple’s brand-new A7 chipset with 64-bit architecture powering iOS 7. Apple claims that, thanks to the A7, the new iPad Air is going to be 8 times faster than the previous design.

The Microsoft Surface area 2 has NVIDIA’s Tegra 4, which has had efficiency issues depending upon the gadget and software running.

Given our experience with iOS 7 and Windows RT 8.1, we can securely assume that the general user experience as an outcome of performance will be better with iOS, and therefore, the iPad.

iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface area 2: Battery life

Apple guarantees approximately 10 hours of real world use with the iPad Air. Microsoft seems to just offer standby times, but most reviews online show 6 to seven hours of real world use.

Perhaps for numerous prospective buyers, the battery life is not as crucial if the tablet is going to be for home use. But if you plan on taking a tablet with you on your commute, you’ll definitely desire the iPad for that additional juice.

One fascinating thing is that reports on the internet are mixed concerning battery life on the Microsoft Surface area 2. Some claim that it’s wonderful, others aren’t pleased. The ones who’ve the tendency to be thrilled about it are reviewers who’re comparing it to its predecessor, so you could want to take that into consideration if you plan to purchase it.

iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface 2: Apps

When you get a tablet, you are truly purchasing it for one main reason: apps. You are running browsers, social networking apps, performance apps, video games and so on. It’s truly among the most significant factors to consider, or at least it ought to be, when getting a brand-new tablet.

Hands down, the iPad Air wins here. If there was one consistent thing customers didn’t like about the Microsoft Surface 2, it was the absence of apps.

iOS has always had the biggest variety of quality, tablet-designed apps when compared to Android or Windows. That has not changed, and it becomes more apparent once we start comparing the iPad to other tablets.

If you are not going to make use of a browser just – and why’d you? – you must highly think about the iPad Air over the Surface 2.

iPad Air vs Microsoft Surface area 2: Pricing

Perhaps the one thing that the Surface 2 has going for it’s pricing. Starting at $449, it’s $50 more affordable than the iPad Air. If money were truly a concern, and $50 was not worth getting a much better overall tablet experience, the clear winner is the Surface 2.

However, we think that most of the times you get exactly what you pay for. Not only will you improve battery life with the iPad Air, it’s a lighter and even more svelte tablet, too.

Then there are the apps. Sure, the iPad Air starts at a hefty $499, and cost as much as $929 if you get a 64GB design with Wi-Fi + cellular connectivity, but you are getting into the richest app ecosystems readily available today.


It’s clear that in every category that matters, the iPad Air wins. We do want that it hadn’t been such a landslide victory in this contrast, but that’s the reality of it.

iPad Air vs. Microsoft Surface 2

Where Microsoft is really lacking is in its app option. There are not very many great apps for the Surface area 2, or on Windows RT 8.1. Perhaps designers are going where the sales and money are, and that makes good sense.

When it concerns build quality and weight, battery life, apps, display and efficiency, we provide this one to the iPad Air in every category. Oh, and undoubtedly the Apple tablet takes it in the value category, too. For the money, you just get more value with Apple tablets.

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