Great In depth: Ember lights up your night iPhone photography

In depth: Ember lights up your night iPhone  photography

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If you have ever discovered yourself really wanting even more than what the iPhone 5/5S’ electronic camera flash has to provide, you may wish to take a look at Ember, a Kickstarter-backed light for the iPhone.

In a nutshell, and as evidenced by its design, Ember is generally a video light that your iPhone can dock into. Nevertheless, it’s smaller and more compact than a video light, but bulkier than your average iPhone case.

We spoke with Jedd Goble, developer of Ember, and asked why anybody would buy it over a correct video light.

For one, Ember is smaller sized and more compact than a video light, which makes you more probable to take it with you when you are out at night.

Ember light for iPhone

Of course, it’s not so compact that you’ll forget you’ve it with you. You’ll probably have to put it in a bag, a larger jacket pocket, or if you are brave you can find a method to fit it in your trousers pocket as Goble does.

Why Ember and not a video light?

Another reason to go with Ember is price. At $90, it’s less expensive than your average LED video light, other than maybe a few of the smaller ones. And the truth that it’s created to hold your iPhone methods you won’t need to clamp, hold or stick the iPhone to a video light in awkward methods.

The great aspect of video lights, and Ember, is that it sends out powerful light for pictures and videos. You can likewise control its color temperature with different colored gels or filters. This indicates you shouldn’t have trouble matching the Ember’s color of light with your ambient light.

Like an LED video light, Ember’s light power is dimmable, so you are not striking your subjects with light at complete power each time you turn it on. Combined with the capability to customize and diffuse that light, it’s truly a versatile bundle for iPhoneographers who’re aiming to expand their night photography capabilities.

Although we wish that the iPhone itself could regulate the Ember, the nice thing about independent function is that you can use the Ember as a separate light source. This allows you to play with off-camera lighting.

At complete power, Goble tells us that the Ember will certainly last up to four hours, which is plenty of time since you are probably not going to have this thing on all the time.

It’s reliable to about 15 feet when mounted on the iPhone, and at 10 feet it’s six times more effective than the iPhone’s built-in LED flash.

If you are not a Kickstarter backer currently, this iPhone light is going to set you back $90 as we discussed in the past, and it becomes available in July with pre-orders occurring now. The base bundle features the Ember, which can likewise be mounted on a tripod, and a CTO (color temperature level orange) gel.

Additional color gels will certainly can be found in a six-pack and will cost $20.

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