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Kiwi, the well known developers behind games hits like Shipwrecked and Monsterama decided to take a break from charming beasts and provide it a try with the base management category in a mix of simulation/strategy for Android gadgets. Their outcome is Opponent Lines and we are going to see in this testimonial if it’s a shipwreck itself or truly a game worth playing.

There’s no genuine story behind the game: all that we know is that the world has in some way developed into an enormous battlefield where factions have no allies and just enemies and they defend their own well being. Your objective is to build up your base, a solid army, and to make certain that you exist to live, while putting an end to the miserable lives of others.

enemy  lines review

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Unlike your regular base structure game, Opponent Lines does include a quite intriguing concept: a sort of a standard actual time method element where you can actually attack various other bases with the militaries that you’ve actually trained, with a single goal in mind: that of destroying their command center and looting all the resources. Nonetheless, exactly what seems fascinating initially become a repeated and meaningless function after a few several battles because you can’t in fact build more units throughout the attack phase, as you’d be enabled to do in a timeless RTS game and the ‘map’ where the battle takes place is pretty small and limited. However at least it’s a brand-new addition and a modification to the typically static gameplay of this category.

Back to your base, you’ve the routine share of structures offered to be built: resource-generating structures, barracks and defensive elements which will become really helpful needs to an opponent decide to attack.

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Waiting times are a major issue below, the game being divided a lot into small bits of gameplay due to the fact that of the time restrictions and this is an additional poor choice, specifically because it happens as quickly as you start conforming. It’s odd to see that Kiwi’ve no idea yet that you should keep the player with your game as long as possible early to really have him or her get addicted. If a game informs me that I need to wait 10 minutes after less than 10 mins of gameplay, it can kiss me and my smartphone farewell.

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Overall, Opponent Lines appears like a rushed product. The tutorial is rushed and not really valuable – but the good news is there’s absolutely nothing too difficult about the game, so you will not have trouble playing need to you choose to offer it a shot. It appears unpolished and lacking functions – couple of construction choices, no growth capacity today and graphics that lack any personality. Integrate that with the waiting times that’ll constantly nag you and you regrettably have a loser right here.

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