Apple CEO Tim Cook Says The Windows/Mac Comparison To Android/iOS Doesn't Fit Great


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In a brand-new meeting released by Businessweek this morning, wherein Sam Grobart sits down with Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, and SVPs Craig Federighi and Jony Ive, Cook discuss a number of things, including the comparison that’s frequently made in between the trail of Windows and Mac early on, and the present moving towards Android and iOS.

‘Microsoft kept things the exact same, and the level of fragmentation was not as much,” Cook told Grobart in the BW meeting. “There were not a lot of derivative works out there with Windows.”

The quote is attending to the commonly-made contrast between Apple’s early development in desktop computing and its current circumstance with mobile, Microsoft made Windows available to any OEM partners, leaving PC hardware to other companies while concentrating on software, whereas Apple would not certify its Mac OS (except for a quick, and failed experiment), and developed gadgets internal married to the software they themselves engineered.

Naturally, individuals suggest based upon that contrast that Apple is movinged towards trouble with the existing Android/iOS picture. Windows at some point rose to control the pc market near-completely with its OEM partner model, while Apple’s share diminished, though it at some point carved out a rewarding, if relatively small slice of the market (and is arguably now winning, thanks to iPad sales). However Cook says that the iOS scenario is various, and doesn’t Apple’s mobile gadgets slipping to anywhere near those reduced market share percentages.

Part of that’s due to Android’s fragmentation concern, which Cook likewise enters in the BW piece. He mentions that individuals on Android are typically making use of three or four-year old OS software application on their gadgets by the time they update, which he states ‘would be like me right now having in my wallet iOS 3,’ per Grobart. The fragmentation makes it so that Cook does not ‘think about Android as one thing,’ he informs BusinessWeek, which is why the circumstance is various from Windows: With Microsoft’s desktop OS, it releases updates without having to bother with carrier approval, and Windows does not get forked and re-skinned the way that Android does.

Cook addresses lots of other subjects in the full interview, including how Apple did not set out to build a low-cost iPhone with the iPhone 5c (simply a wonderful gadget that costs less than the flagship variation), and how Ive and Federighi handle their intensely collective working relationship and rolls, so it’s definitely worth heading over to read completely.

The point of view Apple’s existing Chief Executive Officer holds relating to Apple’s mobile market battle and how it does or doesn’t mirror past experience is especially fascinating, however, provided how quickly the comparison seems to jump to the minds of analysts and onlookers. Naturally, it’s likewise possible that Android’s versatility might assist it avoid getting replaced by next-generation gadget kinds the way the COMPUTER was buffeted by the iPad, however it’s far prematurely to tell in any case.

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