Amazing Why we must wait before calling OnePlus One the flagship killer

If you still haven’t heard, let’s inform you that there’s someone else player in town. It’s been a week given that OnePlus revealed their very first gadget or rather their flagship awesome, OnePlus One. So technically there are three ‘One'(s) now. The One that came out in 2012 (M7), the One that came out last month (M8) and the One (OnePlus One) that came out last week. Baffled? Yeah, let us not delve into that and keep our concentrate on this one. Flagship killer tagline with an attractive rates is ample to create some ripples in the innovation area and it seems to be working for the OnePlus One. The device has captured everybody’s attention and is being already hailed as the flagship killer of 2014. However is it actually the flagship awesome? Or is it prematurely to tag the phone as ‘THE’ flagship awesome.

One Plus One

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Before we delve into what’s not good about the device let us quickly run down the specs for those who’re still not acquainted with them:

OnePlus One has a 5.5 inch Full HD display generating an impressive 401 PPI. It runs on a 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor coupled with 3GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GPU for all you video gaming craze people. There’s a 13MP rear electronic camera powered by Sony’s Exmor-R sensing unit and all of this is backed by a 3100mAh battery. It ships with the current Cyanogenmod 11s running Android 4.4.2 and to top that all, the pricing is kept in a really Nexus friendly territory, i.e. $299 for the conventional 16GB storage and $349 for the top of the line 64GB one.

If you are questioning why we’re still hesitant in tagging this device as the flagship awesome we must remind you of the well-known Hollywood quote “there’s always a catch” and as our individuals in Hollywood are never wrong, there’s a catch with this one too, in fact more than one.


Firstly, we’re really doubtful about the availability of this device. A flagship killer ought to be available in all markets where the so called flagships of other gadget makers are offered. Not only the device won’t be available in majority of the world, currently you can only get to position an order to buy the device by welcome. Now, the last time I utilized the invite system was for BBM and it did not turn out effectively. Plus, there’s no word on the invite system and the only means to get the device at this point of time is to enter a smash your present phone contest, which is definitely strange to state the least.

Only 100 from the many who smash their phone and share the video of it’ll be provided a 16GB OnePlus One for $1 and 3 invites for people to get the gadget.

Selling gadgets by invite might suggest only one thing, OnePlus understands it will not have the ability to meet the demands and is probably getting time before the gadget can go public. Add in the reality, that OnePlus is really selling these devices on a loss, so clearly they don’t wish to go unfathomable into the red. Invites have normally seen individuals losing their interest in the item as developments in the technology space are rapid and who knows exactly what others will create by the time OnePlus One is available to the masses?

CyanogenMod is a Double Edged Sword

Secondly, the gadget is running Cyanogenmod 11s. Although, I’m a big fan of the CM community and their work, CM 11s is currently in beta and CMs have actually known to have their share of bugs in the past. Yes, they’re readily taken care of with prompt updates, but still one can not vouch for it unless the real world efficiency is checked. Include in that Android KitKat is now virtually 5 months old, you would’ve anticipated a steady release by now. This definitely does not bode well for future updates.

Having the very best engine does not guarantee having the very best vehicle. Exact same holds true with mobile phones. Having a top end spec sheet will not guarantee success in the real world. The likes of Apple have actually revealed us exactly how a dual core processor can outmaneuver a quad-core and octa-core just with the assistance of software application integration and optimizations. It’s those slightly tweaks that matter and we’ll have to see if OnePlus One can truly shine in the real life or not.

The Form Element is just a little weird

The form element of the gadget is also a matter of issue. It falls into the no guy’s land territory between phones and tablets i.e. the phablet space. A 5.5 inch gadget is just not appropriate for one hand usage and the masses. Paired with the huge bezels on the top and bottom, the gadget is bigger than most of the flagships out there in the market, the flagships it’s looking to eliminate. We feel that a 5″ Nexus kind kind element would’ve been the best bet and OnePlus might’ve missed the trick right here. Just to put things into point of view, the gadget is attempting to kill the HTC One, a 5 inch display, a Galaxy S5 with 5.1 inch display, the Z1 with 5.2 inch display, no OEM so far has actually gone as high as 5.5 inch for their star entertainer. Exactly how well this pans, only time will mention to.

The Question over Quality?

Lastly, we just became aware of OnePlus recently makings them brand-new in the market. They come from China which isn’t known for the quality of products by their regional makers. Although OnePlus people are the people from Oppo and they’re utilizing Oppo’s facilities for manufacturing the gadget, words ‘unknown/raw/new’ will be haunting them for a long period of time. Not to mention exactly what type of consumer support will be supplied if there’s a defect in the handset or something fails.

Unless the business is calling OnePlus One a flagship killer due to the fact that you need to eliminate (smash) your own handset to get one, it’s indeed really early to call it a flagship killer and we should wait before some/all of our fears are laid to rest by checking the phone face to face.

Will you go the range to purchase OnePlus One? Let’s know in the remarks section below.

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