Amazing Sony Launches Smartphone With Add-on Lenses

Last Wednesday Sony revealed an additional addition to their Xperia smartphones. This camera phone is going to be very popular amongst photographers and art institution students, as it supports a 20.7 megapixel camera, and it can attaching better lenses.
This smartphone is going to be called the Xperia Z1, and it’s unnecessary to state that this is Sony’s attempt to succeed the race for the smartphone with the best camera, where lots of popular Mobile companies such as Nokia and Samsung also engage.

camera phone with add on lenses Sony Launches Smartphone With Add  on Lenses

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There are some wonderful camera phones out there, but this is something completely brand-new. Features consist of a high-resolution lens which is constructed into the camera and the option to regulate various other lenses on the phone’s screen. The screen will be 5-inch. To use the lenses you don’t need to get the Xperia Z1, due to the fact that Sony revealed that the lenses can likewise be used on various Android phones as well as on the iPhone.

There’s more to the Z1′s camera functions, such as a big image sensor and apps that allow individuals to stream videos straight to Facebook, search for information about what their view pointer is at, and shop images online. The phone also includes a water-proof aluminum case and a 2.2 gigahertz processor. The phone will go on sale later on this month, and we are truly curious. It seems really promising, because a phone that supports several camera lenses is something unique, and if it’s true exactly what Sony states, and the lenses can be utilized on various other Android phones and the iPhone as well, it could be something that a great deal of people are going to use, and an entire new thing for smartphone business to compete over.

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