Amazing So long Google Nexus, hello premium Android Silver smartphones?

So long Google Nexus, hello premium Android Silver  smartphones?

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Google may be plotting a new ‘Android Silver’ program to vastly enhance its line of devices beyond a few Nexus smartphones and tablets.

We initially heard rumors that Google was planning to introduce its Silver program as a support service for select smartphones. Now, a new report from the The Info (pay wall) recommends the program may spur an entire new series of high-end Silver phones from numerous makers.

Allegedly, Google is aiming to invest $1 billion (about ₤ 59m, AU$ 1.07 b) to obtain phone makers to leap aboard its brand-new campaign. This cash will allegedly go to subsidize the development and advertising expenses for the hardware partners that sign on with Google’s program.

The Silver age

In exchange for the incentives, Google will acquire even more control over Android Silver gadgets by limiting the quantity of producer bloatware that comes pre-installed. At least, end users would’ve the ability to get rid of these non-standard Android apps.

With these software alters its likely Silver gadgets will also get Android updates sooner, much like existing Nexus and Google Play Version gadgets.

Beyond Google putting the kibosh on extra software, it’ll supposedly support the development of innovative hardware features. The Details declares these could consist of waterproofing and enhanced voice recognition as seen with the Moto X.

The report does not mention any hardware manufacturers that have currently signed on with Google’s brand-new initiative.

Beyond the Nexus

If the Silver program occurs, Google would put a lot more backing into establishing its own line of devices. As opposed to partnering with a single maker to develop one smartphone and tablet a year, the Silver program would allow Google to produce a wider range of gadgets.

That said, it’s not likely that we’ll see this supposed program bear fruit at any time soon. Google I/O is simply two months away, and it exists we expect to see a new Nexus phone and potentially a tablet.

Whether this yet-to-be-announced smartphone is Google’s last Nexus device remains to be seen, but as of late Google has actually reasserted itself as the top dog when it comes to Android phones. For this year’s crop of flagship phones Google has actually needed both the HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5’s bootup displays to include words ‘Powered by Android.’

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