Amazing 10 Beautiful Virtual Girlfriend Apps to Enhance the Valentine?s Feelings

You know the season of Love has actually just been started now and all of us are trying to find the extremely quality apps in order to add even more spice on the Valentine’s Day. So in this context, I wish to reveal you the evaluation of the 10 Beautiful Virtual Girlfriend Apps to Boost the Valentine’s Feelings in this piece of composing.

1 – My Virtual Girlfriend Free

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Take enjoyment from this dating simulation game in which you’ll all you require such as enjoyable flirt and no doubt dating too. Your fundamental objective is to decide your date, then romance your means into her heart in such a special manner that she’ll fall for you. The gamers will get lots of sensational looking girls right here for this intention that all have the one-of-a-kind characters and appearances. Simply be natural while dating given that you’ve the ability to initiate a chat, carry out some actions and begin various type of activities including playing the mini golf or going to supper. Get the gifts which you like for her like a bikini that she’ll wear for you.

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2 – Pocket Girlfriend

Pocket Girlfriend

The Pocket Partner is chiefly a Grownup Android game in which you’ll find a rather girl who’s an unique, hot, and an attractive virtual girl avatar that’s the voice recognition in your pocket too. After checking, this extremely app, you’ll come to know that unlike the various other apps for the Android users that just provide some random image gallery of the half naked Japanese anime girls in bikinis, quasi porn platinum blond hentai bombshells in pasties, the partner in this app will move. Because the Pocket Partner is interactive, and the genuine girl that’s why she’s not a cartoon. The app makes use of the motion picture clips of actual live best women which all are presented in front of you in different clothing, positions and places to entertain you well.

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3 – Virtual Sweetheart Roleplay

Virtual Girlfriend Roleplay

Have you ever experienced a cute police officer as a partner? If not, then the Virtual Partner Role-play is the most exceptional app for you which is specifically designed and established for the users of Android Equipment. Similar to the taking Tom and the siri, it’s a virtual speaking app for you in which you’ll get the possibility to get together with the Police officer Louise. You can literally talk with her by continuing the Mic button on your gadget or you’ve the ability to text message her. You’ll be astonished to know that this sexy Cop has the ability to begin talking to you with her natural exotic voice within no time and without facing any trouble.

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4 – Virtual Partner Jenny Lite

Virtual Girlfriend Jenny Lite

This is a remarkable virtual girlfriend app for the Android fans in which a sexy woman with the name of Jenny Nelson will become your personal partner that you can access anytime when you’re in a mood. After launching the app, you’ll come to know that the app utilizes the initial ladies so that you’ll become able to see the genuine deal. The standard version is royalty free and after buying the app, you’ll get lots of various other features including dancing, calculating and getting comprised in order to captivate you. If you like the Health club girls, hot ladies that have the appealing face or the babes who likes cigarette smoking, then this is a should’ve app for you.

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5 – My girlfriend is air hostess

My girlfriend is air hostess

If you like the air hostess, then you need to attempt this app on your Android Equipment at least one time. Your utmost goal is to pretend as a sweetheart and need to pursue the most lovely and the appealing character with the name of Feir Ling that you’ll discover within the app. Make your genuine relationship with this amusing character from a partner to her partner by progressing in the game play. You’ll get a a great deal of fascinating things while playing this game such as putting on a suitable clothes with a skirt to your partner just the way you like and you’ll be impressed to find that you’ve the ability to have fun with the your Feir Ling a blowing skirt game as well.

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6 – Virtual Touch girlfriend

Virtual Touch girlfriend

The Virtual Touch girlfriend is basically a heavyweight Android app meanings that you’re able to pick and regulate of a real individual to do any action from a list which you’ll discover within the app. It indicates that if you touch your g/f on the screen of your device, she’ll respond simply according to the action that you’ve made on her. This app complete uses the gravity sensor of your Android that’ll present you the left and right swinging the phone activities so that the matching action will activate in front of you. The users will discover even more than 10 sorts of captivating and appealing actions in this complimentary Android app that’ll add more spice throughout the game play.

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7 – Girlfriend


This app is extremely helpful in the case when you’ve a g/f however she doesn’t able to serve you well or you don’t have a sweetheart either. After initiation the app, when you raise the volume of your partner, you’ll definitely sense her entering your inmost sensations too. You’re given a range of numerous sort of women here that you can pick quickly since a quick however complete profile of these terrific women are included within the app. These women are actual and the link to their pages is also included that you can access for the sake of getting even more info.

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8 – My Giggling Girlfriend

It refers huge truth that Academy life is an exciting and adventurous part of younger years of every modish individual. This fantastic Android app will take you there. You’ll be surprised after meeting a schoolgirl within the app who’s full of cheers and delight while you’re busy with your studies. Your aim is to build all your courage, approach to this girl and try to make a relationship and afterwards see that how much this relation will go. And, if you desire a much deeper relationship with her, you need to present her the lovely presents. Talk with her via your microphone and work simply according to her responses.

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9 – Pocket Girlfriend – Sarah

If you desire a woman of your dream whom you can touch and she’ll dance for you then this is the superb Android app that’ll offer you almost everything which you wish to see in any woman. Her name is Sarah and you’ll discover that she enjoys long walks on the beach and will be on your side all the time as long as you want and you’ve the ability to get her whenever you such as. Sarah is an enjoyable, attractive and great looking animated GIF lady which will remind you the hot wallpapers. Initialize this aristocracy free app whenever you wish because it’s no adult contents but full of enjoyable.

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10 – Aika your virtual girlfriend

Aika your virtual girlfriend

This virtual G/F app is a thrilling and enjoyable dating simulation game for the Android users where they’ll discover a hentai design. The Aika is a sweet woman which is readily available to you anytime when you’re free and when you fulfill her, you’ll find her really hot and talk with you in a voice of a slut. You just should progress during the game play to get the better relationship with her.

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