A collection In Depth: Windows Phone 9 release date, news and rumours

In Depth: Windows Phone 9 release date, news and  rumours

Windows Phone 8 could only be less than a years of age, however that has not stopped broach the next iteration, Windows Phone 9.

Expected to be with us by the end of the year it looks like Microsoft may be embracing the yearly software cycle made popular by Apple in an effort to keep its mobile OS fresh and, more notably, appropriate.

We are searching the web daily to bring you all the most recent on Windows Phone 9 and we will be continuously updating the information below to provide you the very best photo of exactly what’s to come.

Windows Phone 9 release date

Rumours have actually currently emerged that the Windows Phone 9 release date will certainly be sometime in 2013, with reports recommending it will show up just in time for Christmas.

The update is also being referred to as Windows Phone Blue, a development name which mirrors an upgrade to Microsoft’s new Windows 8 desktop platform – although there’s a chance it could appear as Windows Phone 8.5 at launch.

Other reports reckon Microsoft will exterminate Windows Phone 8 by September 2014, offering another sign that version 9 could well be on its method soon.

Windows Phone 9 or simply Windows 9?

We seeing reports that suggest Microsoft might want to ditch the divide in between its smartphone platform and the one it makes use of for tablets and PCs – rolling them all into one neat package called Windows 9.

One idea is that the Windows Blue upgrade will see Windows 8 combined with Windows Phone in an attempt to tackle Google’s Android/Chrome combination which is growing ever more powerful.

Alternatively we could instead get the previously mentioned Windows 9 all-in-one system after a Microsoft staff member specified “currently testing Windows 9 OS on Nokia, HTC and Qualcomm device” on their LinkedIn profile.

Windows Phone 9 devices

One of the huge concerns with Windows Phone 8 was that you couldn’t get it on your Windows Phone 7 handset, rather you were lumped with Windows Phone 7.8.

It’s idea that Windows Phone 9 will not be so restrictive, with Windows Phone 8 users in line to get the upgrade meanings that you should not have to stress over picking up a Nokia Lumia 925 or HTC 8X.

Windows Phone 9: exactly what we want to see

Here are 9 things we believe are missing out on from Windows Phone 8 that we wish to see in Windows Phone 9.

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